-2016 "ESPECES MENACEES" (By Gilles Bourdos) Stunt performer


-2016 "Il a déjà tes yeux" (By Lucien Jean Baptiste) Vincent Elbaz: Stunt Double


-2016 "BOURNE 5" (By Paul Greengrass) Stunt performer - (Tenerife)


-2015 "Spectre 007" (By Sam Mendes) Stunt performer (London)


-2014 "Transporter Reboot" (By Camille Delamarre) Stunt performer


-2014 "Lucy" (By Luc Besson) Stunt performer

-2014 "Piste Noir" (By Jalil Naciri) Stunt performer

-2013 "Fast & Furious 6" (By Justin Lin) Luke Evans: Stunt Double (London)


-2013 "Yamla Pagla Deewana 2" (By Sangeeth Sivan) Stunt performer (London)


-2011 "Mr Perfect" (Dasarath's Movie) Stunt performer (Malaysia)


-2009 "District 13 Ultimatum" (Europa Corp) Stunt performer


-2005 "Kamen Rider Hibiki and the Seven War Demons" (Toei Company) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2005 "Magi Ranger The Movie" (Toei Company) Stunt performer (Japan)


=== TV - WEB ===

-2015 "Le Noël de Camille - Les Tutos" (Studio Bagel) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2015 "ULYSSE" - Season 2 (By Nicolas Nedellec) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2015 "L'équipe" (By Jérémy Minui) Actor/Stunt/Fight Choreographer

-2015 "BRAQUO" - Season 4 (By Olivier Marchal) Stunt performer

-2015 "L'équipe" (Suricate - Golden Moustache) Stunt performer


-2015 "RESET" (By Christelle Gras) Ass. Fight choreographer


-2014 "THE LAST PANTHERS" (WARP FILM) Stunt performer


-2014 "Déjà Vu" (Studio Bagel) Stunt performer


-2014 "NO LIMIT" - Season 3 (EUROPACORP TV) Vincent Elbaz: Stunt Double


-2014 "Le Visiteur du Futur" - Season 4 (By François Descraques) Actor/Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2013 "NO LIMIT" - Season 2 (EUROPACORP TV) Vincent Elbaz: Stunt Double


-2013 "Surveillance" (By Sébastien Grall) Stunt performer


-2013 "JO" (ATLANTIQUE Productions) Magnus Erland Mc Cullagh: Stunt Double


-2012 "Le Visiteur du Futur" - Season 3 (By François Descraques) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2012 "巨神戰擊隊" / "Giant Saver" EP:1 to 52 (SHANGHAI YONGXU Culture) Stunt performer (China)


-2011 "Le Visiteur du Futur" - Season 2 (By François Descraques) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2009 "Cartouche, le Brigand Magnifique" (DEMD Productions) Stunt performer


-2009 "Terrabotanica" (INDIGENES Productions) Actor


-2005 所さんの学校では教えてくれない...(TOKYO TV) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2005 "Ultraman Max" (TSUBURAYA Productions) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2004 "世にも奇妙な物語" (FUJI TV) Skaguchi Kenji: Stunt double (Japan)


-2004 驚き謎マネー100連発 (NIHON TV) Stunt performer (Japan)



-2015 "Tomb Raider Reborn" (By Aurélien Sallé) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2015 "La Lisière" (By Simon Saulnier) Stunt coordinator


-2015 "ASURA" (By Moussa Sako) Actor/Stunt performer

-2015 "Tran & Nowak" (By Godefroy Ryckewaert) Actor/Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2015 "Je suis la fin" (By Benoit Boyer) Actor/Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2014 "Bladed Minds" (By Godefroy Ryckewaert) Katana/Stunt Fight Choreographer


-2014 "YANTRA" (By Jérémy Minui) Actor/Stunt coordinator

-2014 "Heartbreaker" (By Vincent Gatinaud) Katana/Stunt Fight Choreographer

-2014 "Angry Phones" (By Vincent Gatinaud) Actor/Stunt performer

-2014 "MONSTRE" (By Stephen Meance) Actor/Stunt performer


-2014 "POWERLESS" (By David Sarrio) Stunt performer

-2014 "Warhammer 40K-EXTERMINATUS" (By Paul Doucet) Stunt performer


-2013 "Resident Evil The Nightmare Of Dante" (By Vincent Gatinaud) ProdEX/Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2013 "HERO?" (By Manu Lanzi) Stunt performer

-2013 "Metal Gear Solid Rising Live Action" (By Stephen Meance) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2013 "JungleLand" (By Michael Massias) Actor/Stunt performer

-2012 "Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Live Action" (By Vincent Gatinaud) ProdEX/Stunt/Fight Choreographer

-2012 "Peter" (By Nicolas Duval) Stunt/Rigger


-2012 "Can skillz" (By Vincent Gatinaud) Stunt performer


-2010 "VNR" (By Vincent Gatinaud) Stunt performer


-2009 "Project 7" (By Vincent Gatinaud) Stunt performer


-2008 "Dernier Round" (By Flavien Bellevue) Actor/Fight Choreographer


-2007 "Paris by Night of the Living Dead" (By Gregory Morin) Stunt performer



-2009 "Chupa Chups" - Stunt performer (Japan)


=== THEATER ===

-2004 "Le Vent du Temps qui Passe" (By Philippe Bréham) - Actor



-2013 Lady Ponce Feat Djibril Cisse..."We are the Champions" (ONIRYK Production) Stunt performer


-2013 Morad "Sans refrain" (ONIRYK Production) Stunt performer


-2012 Matt Houston "Le Bagne" (ONIRYK Production) Stunt/Fight Choreographer


-2010 FFFRRRREEEQ "Strass" - Stunt performer


-2010 113 "Une Prise" - Stunt performer


-2010 The Prodigy "Run With The Wolves" - Stunt performer


-2009 Ryoko Shiraishi "キラリフタリ" - Stunt performer (Japan)


-2005 Gackt "届かない愛と知ッテイタノニ..." - Stunt performer (Japan)


-2005 Koda Kumi Live Tour 2005 (First Things) Stunt performer (Japan)


=== LIVE SHOWS ===

-2012 Main basse sur la Joconde (Parc Astérix) Stunt performer


-2009 Shinkenger (Shiken Red) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2007 Movies Festival (Kilbill, Chaplin, Gladiateur) Stunt performer


-2007 Kamen Rider Den-O (Zeronos) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2006 Japan Expo (Stunt Show) Stunt performer


-2005 Kamen Rider Hibiki (Ibuki) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2004 Kamen Rider Black RX (Shadow Moon) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2004 Magic Ranger (Magi Green) Stunt performer (Japan)


-2003 Dragon Ball Z (Goku) Stunt performer (Japan)


=== SKILLS ===

-CQC / Close Quarters Combat Style Fight

-Hong Kong Style Fight
-Japanese Style Fight

-Japanese Sword Play

-Harness / Wire Work

-Precision Stunt Driving / Bike



-Jeet Kune Do


-Freestyle Acrobatics Martial Arts